Promoting opportunities for Science and Technology cooperation with Australia for Southern region

With the consent of the leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Office in Southern Region (SROMOST) organized a delegation which came to Australia from 21 June 2015 to 28 June 2015 and was led by Director General Vu Van Khiem - Head of delegation. The purpose of this business trip was sharing information and innovation support for small and medium businesses, developing programs on technology transfer and industrial connection from Australia to Vietnam.

In Melbourne city, the delegation visited and worked with CSIRO’s SME Engagement Center, a subordinate unit of CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific Research Organization). Within four recent years, the Center has implemented 230 projects with an average turnover of about 140 thousand AUD per project. The principal approach was visiting SMEs (normally, about 15 SMEs are visited and research for each project) to find out technical problems which need supports. Then, through universities and research institutions in the Australian Government's Research Connection Program, solutions for technical support will be determined. CSIRO's SME Engagement Center helped SMEs in connecting research through connecting research program of the Australian government.

Working at Centre for Transformative Innovation, Swinburne University of Technology

In Melbourne, SROMOST delegation also visited and worked with Centre for Transformative Innovation, Swinburne University of Technology. Director of the Centre for Transformative Innovation, Dr. Seth Jones, introduced about Swinburne University of Technology and the activities of the Centre. University has 12 research groups and several disciplines including some which were related in supporting SMEs. Mr. Seth Jones shared and exchanged experiences of Australia's policies in innovation sponsor for SMEs. The common sponsor mechanism is 50% from government and 50% from SMEs. Swinburne University is in charge of consulting and researching technology development; when the technology is transferred, Swinburne University will have 20% percent of the profit.

In Canberra, SROMOST delegation visited and worked with Grow Asia Program (CSIRO). Meeting and working with SROMOST delegation is leaders of Food Innovation System (FIS) project under Grow Asia Program, the project focuses on the study of food security and nutrition. The purpose of the project is to build and organize closed agricultural systems from farms to consumers, including processes such as production - trade - distribution and consuming products. Currently, FSI is implementing agricultural business project in Southeast Asia.

Working at FSI, Canberra

In Canberra, SROMOST delegation also worked with Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN) which was founded by five organizations: the Australian National University, CSIRO, University of Canberra, University of New South Wale (Canberra branch) and National ICT Australia (NICTA). This organization has financial support from the government for transformation and diversification of the Australian economy through innovation and development of start-up and SME through calling for the cooperation investment from multinational enterprises and powerful companies in term of innovation policy. CBRIN provides incubation services for enterprises, currently supports 29 businesses in its incubation center.

From the results of the business trip, SROMOST had plans to cooperate with partners in Australia such as collaborating with CSIRO's SME Engagement Centre and Centre for Transformative Innovation, Swinburne University of Technology to hold a scientific seminar "Science and Technology – Orientation for the development of enterprises", with the purpose of exchanging and sharing experiences and transferring SME support activities model for institutions of science and technology in Vietnam, how to commercialize the research results with objects such as research institutes, universities and SMEs. It is expected that the seminar will be held in early of October 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City; cooperate with FSI to connect research institutions and business to create sustainable and competitive agricultural products in Mekong Delta, engage in the development of projects in science and technology for agriculture in Mekong Delta that FSI will be implemented in the future, as well as organize collaborative training in innovation for agriculture; cooperate and connect incubator centers of Vietnam with Canberra Innovation Network to exchange information, share experiences in organizing business incubation and providing IT solutions online.

Hopefully, through the results of business trip in Australia, SROMOST delegation will create a foundation for the next cooperation with Australia in the field of science and technology for the southern region in near future.

Source: National Office in Southern Region

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