National Science and Technology Programs for economic and social development in Southern region

On May 28th, in Kien Giang, National Office in Southern Region, Ministry of Science and Technology with the collaboration of Department of Science and Technology in Kien Giang organized “National Programs on Science and Technology for economic and social development in Southern region” Conference.

Attending and chairing the conference were Mr. Nguyen Quan, member of the Party Central Committee – Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology; Mr. Le Khac Ghi – Deputy Chairman of the People Committee’s of Kien Giang Province; Mr. Duong Quoc Xuan –  Deputy Chief of South Western Coordination Authority; Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuan – Deputy chairman of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences; Mr. Vu Van Khiem –  General Director of National Office in Southern Region; Mr. Le Thanh Viet – Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology of Kien Giang Province and more than 200 delegates as representatives of science and technology management authorities, subordinate units under the Ministry, leaders of 21 Departments of Science and Technology (DOST) in Southern provinces, institutes, universities, associations, businesses, media, communication agencies in the Southern region.

The Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Nguyen Quan, gave an opening remarks and stated purpose and requirement of the conference; referred to the context in which Vietnam was preparing to join the free trade agreements with ASEAN countries and some other countries. These agreements were associated with the requirements of science and technology relating to competitive conditions in many aspects. The Minister also pointed out some limitations in organization activities, collaboration, mechanism of implementing “Science and technology for sustainable development in Southwest region” program in recent years, and also  requested DOSTs and subordinate units must have corrective efforts and have better implementations in the near future. The Minister emphasized that the work of science and technology in Delta Mekong need to be connected with responsibility of the community of science and technology throughout the country.

Through this conference, MOST had a desire to bring the national programs on science and technology to provinces in southwest region, associating with the sustainable social economic development of the region, mainly focus on agriculture and fisheries, study of plant varieties and animal breeds to create new products with national brands.

Mr. Le Khac Ghi, Deputy Chairman of People Committee of Kien Giang province gave a welcome speech and appreciated the value of the conference for locals and Southern region.

Attending the conference, participants listened to presentations and discussion about national programs on science and technology as follow: introduction of national program on technology innovation and the criteria to propose missions for program implementation; the situation of the development of science and technology enterprises and the implementation of Program 592 in recent years; current science and technology market in Vietnam and science and technology market development program up to 2020; Science and technology for sustainable development in Southwest region; National program "Improving the productivity and quality of products and goods of Vietnam businesses up to 2020" in the Southern provinces; developing and support intellectual property program for economic development of local society.

After listening to the reports, on behalf of conference chairs, the Minister, Mr. Nguyen Quan, chaired the discussion and information exchange. The conference received the opinions from the representatives of enterprises, research institutions focused on issues such as: application of science and technology in agriculture including agricultural engineering, particularly requests for reducing post-harvest losses, modernize agriculture on the basic of mechanization; propose the indicators and parameters to be linked with the tasks of scientific research; manage and implement missions on science and technology more closely;...

Mr. Nguyen Quan answered and shared ideas about the fact that society has not yet fully met practical needs for business and manufacture, especially the role of mechanical engineering in agricultural. At the moment, there aren’t any mechanical companies which are strong enough to implement national projects except a small number of private companies. However, these companies have difficult to capital, market share and the conditions for receiving state support; MOST will have discussions with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade to propose the program to develop mechanical engineering in agricultural production. The Minister also suggested that organization or individual build suggestion science and technology tasks need to have more specific and measurable goals, whereas it will be easy for the scientific council to assess the feasibility of the proposed mission and project.

At the end of the conference, on behalf of the conference board, the Minister, Mr. Nguyen Quan, thanked scientists, participants who attended, reported and discussed at the conference. The Minister noted and appreciated all the presentations and contributed opinions in supporting the implementation of the national programs on science and technology and concerned organizations, individuals (especially the enterprises) in a practical and efficient way in the future.

Source: National Office in Southern Region


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