Conference of “Eco – Innovation Consulting for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam - Experience of South Korea”

On 30/05/2014, at Ho Chi Minh City, National Office in Southern Region (SROMOST), in collaboration with Nemo Innovation Consulting Group (South Korea), organized the Conference "Eco – Innovation Consulting for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam - South Korea's experience ".

There were more than 200 delegates from business, management agencies, research institutes, universities and scientists from Vietnam and Korea attended the conference. SROMOST and Small Business Cooperation (SBC) to support SMEs has signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in training and consulting on ecological innovation for SMEs in Vietnam.

At the conference, the speakers from Vietnam and Korea shared the key issues about the role of science and technology for the development of SMEs in Vietnam; Introduction the content of consulting and incentives of eco-innovation project; Process of eco - innovation consulting for SMEs Vietnam; Solutions for suitable deployment plan of productivity and quality improvement for product and service to improve global competitiveness for the enterprise; The typical successful cases in adopting eco innovation in Vietnamese enterprises; ... This was an useful not only for businesses but also for the state management of Vietnam to exchange and discuss with the experts about practical experiences on eco innovation for the enterprises. The aforementioned conference was one of the activities within the framework of the 2014 ASEM Eco-Innovation Consulting Project for SMEs in Vietnam (and referred ASEIC Project 2014). In parallel with the conference, Vietnam enterprises had direct dialogues with experts from South Korea for specific advice and guidance upon participating ASEIC.

ASEIC project is the supported program within the framework of cooperation between the Korean Government / SME Administration Organization and Asian - European Cooperation for consulting eco innovation for SMEs organization with the participation of NEMO experts.

The aim of the project is to help SMEs in Vietnam to improve productivity and quality of product through productivity, reduce costs, rational energy consumption and limit negative impact factors environment on the basis of the experiences which have been applied in Korean enterprises.

Participating ASEIC 2104, enterprises will have many benefits such as productivity improvement, costs of waste reduction, energy efficiency improvement, waste management and environmental management. In the first phase, enterprises will receive free of charge advice from specialists Korea in the June to September, 2014.
Attending the seminar, Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology Tran Viet Thanh expressed that Korea has developed industrial country, scientific and technological activities have contributed ​​importances to the development of the country. These are lessons for Vietnam. Vietnam has been expanding, deepening cooperation and learning from the Korean experience. Through the seminar, along with the deployment of content collaboration between SROMOST and SBC, Vietnam will have more information, solutions, tools and experiences of innovation in Korea. The selection of enterprises to receive the consultation from Korea in order to improve productivity, quality, environmental protection is a practical activity contributes to the successful implementation of the National Program for improving productivity, product quality goods of Vietnam enterprises in 2020 by the Ministry of Science and Technology is responsible for implementation.

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