Korea: Innovation Consulting for Vietnamese Enterprises

On November 26th – 28th, 2014, in Ho Chi Minh City, National Office in Sothern Region - Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with Small and Medium Business Administration, Korea (SMBA), Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Korea Consulting Services Association (KOCSA) organized a thematic science conference on Innovation Consulting and Vietnam - Korea Consultancy Expo 2014.

Conference - Expo 2014 was organized with the aim to enhance cognition, sharing experiences, transfering knowledge about the innovation activities, improving productivity and quality competitiveness of the Korean consulting firm to Vietnamese enterprises Nam. Expo 2014 Conference brought together over 200 delegates from Korea and Vietnam in which more than 150 delegates from now. The most important point is innovation workshops in parallel with the promotion of dialogue directly with 15 consulting business enterprises Korea and Vietnam.


Attending the Workshops – Consulting EXPO Vietnam - Korea 2014, at Vietnam side, there were Mr. Tran Viet Thanh – Deputy Minsiter of MOST, Mr. Bui Van Quyen - Director, Assistant Minsiter, Mr. Vu Van Khiem – Director General and the board of leaders of National Office in Southern Region (SROMOST). On Korea side, there were Mr. Ko Jun Seok – Director of Knowledge Services Department of Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA); Mr. Park Jong Kab - Director of Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Mr. Oh Soon Ki - Chairman of Korea Consulting Service Association (KOCSA) and Mr. Chung Myong Sik - Vice Chairman of Korea Consulting Service Association (KOCSA).

At the workshop, the experts from Vietnam and Korea have presented the issues focusing on innovation consulting activities such as economic development in Vietnam and the importance of consulting activities - role of innovation consulting for business development and manufacture; The process of economic development in Korea and the role of consultancy; Quality - Productivity - Cost savings; Corporate Strategy and Innovation Management; Environmental protection and energy saving; Consulting and Engineering Industry ... and the success practices of companies in Vietnam and Korea.

This was the first exhibition which was held in Vietnam with the participation of more than 200 organizations and enterprises in Vietnam and 15 leading consulting companies from Korea in the fields such as: Improving quality, productivity and reduce costs of manufacturing; environmental friendly Innovation; efficiency in use of energy; technical and technological innovation management; management strategies. These companies have successfully assisted many large enterprises in Korea and in the world. With the experts’ advice of experience, the Korean companies had directly given consultation during the exhibition and free advices for Vietnam enterprises.

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology in Vietnam, Mr Tran Viet Thanh was appreciated the cooperation between SMBA and SROMOST to organize such an important event consited of an international conference and an exhibition. At the present, Vietnam wishes to cooperate and needs the help and experience sharing of developed countries to build capacity and promote the development of science and technology, innovation in order to improve production efficiency, business management and social - economic development. Especially from Korea which has many similarities with Vietnam in term of conditions and culture starting point.

In 2014, with the support of the Center of Innovation for Korean SMEs (ASEIC), Korean innovation consulting company Nemo and SROMOST have done the consulting project of environmental friendly innovation and efficiency in use of energy (ECO - INNOVATION 2014) for 10 small and medium enterprises in the fields of mechanical engineering, food, plastics, ... in Ho Chi Minh City and surround provinces. The project was highly recommended to continue the innovation consulting in the future. Key point in innovation consultation from the Korean company is to integrate quality productivity management tools for each specific enterprise. Therefore, only a short time (about 4 months), innovation consulting activities had a practical effect for the Vietnamese enterprises which participated in the project. Innovation consulting has had a wide spread effect, encouraged the Vietnamese enterprises to voluntary participate. From that initial results, on 5th November 2014, ASEIC sent a proposal letter to SROMOST to continue register for counseling program which wiil be renewal in 2015 (Eco - INNOVATION 2015) and SROMOST has sent the registration application for this project to ASEIC in order to continue to support the Vietnamese enterprises in the future.

At the Conference - Consulting Expo 2014, Vietnamese enterprises had the opportunity to have information sharing, experiences in consulting, solutions introduction and innovative tools from the most experienced companies in Korea. Thereby, there was an enhanced cooperation between consultancies to improve productivity, quality, production efficiency - business, environmental protection. It was also practical activities to contribute to the successful implementation of the National Programme for improving productivity and quality of the products of the Vietnamese enterprises in vision of year 2020 which was chaired by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

According to Mr. Ko Jun Seok – Director of Knowledge Services Department (SMBA), the innovation consulting activities played a very important role in the enterprise. Especially, for small and medium enterprises, it is the way to survive in the highly competitive environment today. They need to have expert’s advice on technology, management ... from outside. The Korean government recognized the important role of consultation and has invested a lot in training human resources, technology ... to serve the consulting activites for helping small and medium enterprises in recent years. Since 1987, Korea has organized the training at college level for innovation consultation; up til now, there are 5 universities in Korea which have the training program for consultants at undergraduate, master and PhD level. From 2005 to now, there are over 18,000 South Korean firms participating in innovation consulting. The results showed that the percentage increase in profit, revenue is 2 times more than the companies are not involved in the project. Mr. Ko, Jun Seok wishes through this conference, the leading consulting firms in Korea will share experience in innovation consulting for enterprises in Vietnam.

At the conference, National Office in Souther Region (SROMOST) and Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) exchanged MOU on cooperation in the fields of technology development, industrial and business cooperation between organizations in Vietnam and Korea. Specifically, there was a focus on technology cooperation and knowledge in order to improve the effectiveness of competition for business; fully collaborate on technology to explore ways to cooperate for providing practical solutions related to the promotion of business innovation; exchange information and experiences of specialists on policies and programs to support the strengthening of business cooperation between enterprises of the two countries; assisting to find business partners; organizing conferences, seminars and training programs.

Source: National Office in Southern Region

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