Development of the technology market Experiences of Vietnam and China

By the end of March 2014, National Office in Southern Region has successfully organized international conference on Construction and Development of Technology market – Experiences of Vietnam and China.

There were more than 100 participants from many organizations such as research institutes, universities, management agencies, enterprises in Vietnam and China.

The conference consisted of final reports for results of The Protocol of the potential cooperation for technology trading between Ho Chi Minh City Technology Transfer & Exchange Vietnam (HTTE) and Shanghai Technology Transfer & Exchange China (STTE); Orientation of technology market development and technology innovation needs of Vietnam. The Chinese delegates also shared their experiences about Technology Transfer & Exchange and the potential cooperation with Vietnam as well as introduced China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center, experiences of technology innovation of small and medium enterprises; ... Besides, Shanghai Technology Transfer & Exchange China also introduced a number of technologies which could be cooperated and transferred into Vietnam in specific fields such as Biology, electrical instruments, ... from companies in Shanghai.

In the near future, Shanghai Technology Transfer & Exchange can cooperate with Vietnam within the following activities: set up network communication technology; implement the professional training for staffs in Vietnam about technology transfer; construct of the legal system and regulations on technology transfer in Vietnam; implement activities to promote technology transfer...

Related to Ho Chi Minh City Technology Transfer & Exchange, there was initially proposal to build an organization and operation model for HTTE in two phases: the first phase was to be focused and perfected (2014 - 2018), the next phase (2019 - 2023) is defined as the phase of comprehensive accelerated development. In order to do this, it should be well prepared for human resources and proposed legal framework for the construction, development and building information systems online; ... Shanghai Technology Transfer & Exchange (STTE) has proposed to have collaboration to organize brokerage for annual technology transfer between Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City.

National Office in Southern Region and Shanghai Technology Transfer & Exchange also came to an agreement to cooperate on "Building and developing the activities of green technology transfer between China and Vietnam”. Complying with the goal to serve "green" technology for transfer and innovations which are suitable for entrepreneurs and market of Vietnam, the two sides will cooperate to connect with entrepreneurs to introduce green technologies and products for enhancing the power of technology in Vietnam.

Attended and be chaired in the workshop, Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology Tran Viet Thanh praised the results which the Protocol has achieved in recent years with the close cooperation, responsibilities between National Office in Southern Region and Shanghai Technology Transfer & Exchange. Protocol had a 100% completion of workload. In the future, it needs to be focus on building structure of the model, operational procedures, roadmap, development plans and testing; completing the model of Technology Transfer & Exchange as well as continuing to provide intensive training for key staffs to have professional capacity to operate Technology Transfer & Exchange especially promoting the local technology resources and international connections at the same time to form and develop consulting organization serve Technology Transfer & Exchange as broker related to assessed valuation; IP; technology incubators; finance; ...

Vice Minister said that the development of science and technology market is strategic mission of Vietnam. It is not only the role and responsibility of research institutions and universities but also having better response to the needs of technology innovation for entrepreneurs. The experiences learned about innovation, creativity and technology transfer of Vietnam and especially from China are precious lessons for Vietnam. Ministry of Science and Technology has the determination to boost the activities for innovation and technology transfer in Vietnam more and more develop.

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