Working with Saigon Brewery Nguyen Chi Thanh on Program of Eco Innovation Consoling (Eco-Innovation 2014)

Morning of July 01, 2014, Director General of National Agency for Southern Affairs (NASA) Vu Van Khiem and the expert teams of innovation consulting group NemoICG (South Korea) had a working session with leaders and key staff Brewery Nguyen Chi Thanh under the Saigon Alcohol - Beer – Beverages Corporation (SABECO).

This is the second trip for the experts to perform correct diagnosis of the situation of energy use at the factory with the help of sophisticated instrumentation along with reviewing the improvement proposal in productivity and quality. During the meeting, the working parties exchanged views on the benefits of Vietnamese enterprises involved in eco innovation program (Eco-innovation 2014) by Korean government-funded and the NASA - MOST Vietnam responsible for deployment. Leaders of brewery factory was extremely welcome and specific and meaningful support from Korea through consulting and supporting the enterprise to improve productivity and quality, save energy, reduce pollution, improve performance using machinery. Currently, the plant is implementing orientation Factory - Park combined with population history museum of Saigon Beer which was also consistent with the advice of the experts contributing to a model plant type samples of clean and green associated with high efficiency. Consultation results expected in the next period when enterprises deploy will contribute to organizational changes, manufacturing process coupled with reduced hazardous materials, reduced use of resources units.

Investment advice program aimed at improving productivity, quality, energy saving, environmental protection is a practical activity contributes to the successful implementation of the National Program for improving productivity, product quality goods Vietnam's enterprises in 2020 by the Ministry of Science and Technology is responsible for implementation.


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