National Office in Southern Region had a working session with Korean delegation

On November 27th 2014, in Ho Chi Minh City, within the framework of the Conference – Consulting EXPO Vietnam - Korea in 2014 from 26 – 28/11/2014,National Office in Southern Region (SROMOST) had a working session with the Korea Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA), Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and Korea Consulting Service Association (KOCSA). Mr. Vu Van Khiem – Director General of SROMOST and Mr. Ko, Jun Seok – Director of Knowledge Service of SMBA had chaired the meeting.

Mr. Ko, Jun Seok, Director of Knowledge Service of SMBA said that, 15 consulting participants of this Expo were the leading companies in Korea, had extensive experience in consulting activities. The consulting companies had consulting licenses which were issued by SMBA. However, Korea respects capacity and practical consulting experience of experts from those companies rather than their qualifications. Mr. Ko, Jun Seok also had high appreciation to the conference which had a rich, diverse, multiple domains. The conference provided the environment for discussing and finding the solutions for many issues from the delegates. This implied that the Vietnamese enterprises were also interested in consulting activities. Mr. Ko also stated that, after the EXPO 2014, SMBA plans to place the representative office in Hanoi to promote consulting activities more effective in Vietnam. Simultaneously, there will be a re – evaluation for the existing issues of Expo 2014 to have a better organizing for The Expo 2015.

Bui Van Quyen - Director, Assistant Minister of Science and Technology, said that in recent years, Vietnam has introduced many systems of quality management, but the Vietnamese consulting experts has not integrated the advanced management tools, and it took a year to have a new system. Besides, the level of consultation in Vietnam remained low therefore the Vietnamese enterprises were not interested in the consulting activities. Through the Korean’s consultation, it showed such an effective outcome from the the training to the consulting implementation which Vietnamese consultancies need to learn. The two sides agreed to implement the following contents: Firstly, continue to promote strongly the business consulting. Expo 2014 has helped raise cognition of the enterprises about the consulting activities. Vietnam needs Korea to continue support for the innovation consulting activities, increasingly promote the Korean consulting companies come to Vietnam for  businesses consultation; Secondly, focusing on consulting support for start-up businesses (start-up) on Vietnam, as they are pivotal entities in the near future. The start-up businesses desperately need skilled and experienced consultants as Korean ones; Third, Vietnam also needs Korea to support the training of consultants in innovation, technology transfer.

In building of manpower for consulting, the training will be conducted in two stages: First, training within project, training in Vietnam like the consulting activities at the enterprises. Secondly, after training in Vietnam, the best individuals will be chosen to go abroad for training in Korea. There will be a proposal for the establishment of one project for Vietnamese enterprises to participate, work and learn from experts Korea. From that point, there will be a scaling up consulting model of Korean companies in Vietnam through workshops and media. Vietnam will use part of the budget of science and technology along with the Korea to promote consulting activities for businesses in Vietnam.

Mr. Ko, Jun Seok also required the Vietnamese enterprise which registered the consulting to commit to comply with the Korean expert’s consultations. Simultaneously, the Vietnamese enterprises need to send the executives for training to implement activities after consultation.

Mr. Vu Van Khiem – Director General of SROMOST re - evaluated the activities of organization for the first Expo conference. This is the first time the EXPO was held in HCMC therefore there were some issues to overcome in order to have a better preparation in the communication, attract more enterprises to participate especially those related to the consulting content; Besides, the SMBA should consider to place representative office in the Ho Chi Minh city as Ho Chi Minh City is the area with a large number of businesses, diverse and dynamic. Therefore, activities should be more efficient. The two sides Vietnam and Korea agreed to cooperate in accordance with the content signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the SROMOST and SMBA.

Source: National Office in Southern Region - MOST

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