In order to promote international cooperation activities towards opportunities to increase technology development potential support for startups in the South, in 2019, the ASA -MOST has organized many activities, In which, it is necessary to mention the results recorded from the cooperation program between Seoul Startup Hub - SSH. The main goal is to connect Korean startups with Vietnamese startups to accelerate development for Korean startups to penetrate the Vietnamese market while also accelerating development. Vietnam start-up through access to hi-tech areas and the world's most advanced startup ecosystem in Seoul city. The businesses that are selected to participate and connect are oriented to prioritize technology businesses, so the opportunity for cooperation in technology transfer is always mentioned and the choice of partners.

ASA-MOST held a working session between businesses at Quang Trung Software Park in August 2019

The ASA- MOST has supported to organize 7 matching sessions for Vietnam - Korea businesses to explore and seek cooperation opportunities. In total, 11 businesses have been supported to cooperate successfully, achieving good results. Typically, the pair of Red Table Company (Korean) and Minh Phuc Software Company (Vietnam) achieved sales of 780 million won of export value, up 257% over the same period last year, attracting more than 18,000 groups of guests. line. Incuhub (Korean) and GM International Academy (Vietnam) have established new legal entities in Vietnam, the process of market penetration has been accelerated successfully. AND Bank biotechnology company (Korean) and NNG IT Solution & more (Vietnam) technology company have successfully cooperated with hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in 2019, conducted technology transfer, training, conducted a patent registration in Vietnam ... From the initial new achievements of 2019, we can confidently assess the Program is ready for a new period.

In 2020, the ASA MOST will continue orienting to operate international cooperation activities in general and cooperation with South Korea in particular in order to promote the development of technological potential for the creative start-up business, SMEs sector.

(Department of Cooperation and  Science and Technology Potential Development, MOST)

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