Brief introduction meeting on new approaches for cooperation between KITECH’s members and National Office in Southern Region

On May 5th 2016, National Office in Southern Region – MOST (SROMOST) had a meeting with eighteen Korean enterprises which are members of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology.

At the meeting, the representatives of companies working on the field of scientific research in Korea presented the strengths of stem cells, environmental remediation, engineering, medicine, biology and wish to cooperate and develop all the technologies in Vietnam.

Discussing with companies from South Korea, Mr.Pham Xuan Da, Director General of National Office in Southern Region (Ministry of Science and Technology), said thatSROMOST will provide the support through instruction, provide Korean intended-investment companieson the area ofresearch or technology transfer to Vietnam the regulations, mechanisms, policies or issues of intellectual property under the legal provisions in Vietnam. Particularly, SROMOST will help Korean companiesto find suitable partners which areable to cooperate in technology development in Vietnam.

"We could collaborate in research, product development and technology transfer or the issues related to intellectual property. We will act as a bridge for Korean companieswhich want to invest or transfer technology to the institutions and companiesin Vietnam, in accordance with the regulations and policies of Vietnam government"Pham Xuan Da said.

According to Mr. Da, Vietnam is particularly interested in the fields of scientific research, technology products to solve urgent problems in the country such as drought, salinity, coping with climate change... in Mekong Delta and some other localities.

"We are looking forward to the Korean side proposing or co-buildinga research project for development of science and technology in Vietnam. At first sight, we can work together to make specific technology products which can solve a practical problem posed in Vietnam for both sides to put into the Protocol between the governments, expected to sign on the coming July "he expressed.

Discussing sideline of the meeting, Mr. Sun O Kim, chairman of the Korea Engineering Technology Association - CEO Geumsung Bolt said: "Duringthe working visit to Vietnam this time, we will continue to visit a some companies in Vietnam to learn more about science and technology, then there will be a specific cooperation plans. However, we want to focus on key areas such as automotive spare parts, medical equipment, biotechnology ... because these are the rapid growth fields in Korea ".

Source: National Office in Southern Region

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