Meeting with the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT)

On 11th July 2016, the National Office in Southern Region (Ministry of Science and Technology) - SROMOST had a meeting with Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology - KICT in Ho Chi Minh city. There was a representative of Nemoicg Co. Ltd participating with Korean delegation.

KICT has introduced them as the leading research institute of construction and transportation field, with the over 800 employees. There’re more than 500 governmental research topics and research projects in climate changing and energy saving with a total budget over 150 million USD annually. 

Representative of KICT, Mr Cho Jong Joon, has also introduced a technology product called “Dual Value Window System” with the capacity to help energy saving and eliminating the heat for the building. KICT expressed the desire to cooperate with SROMOST in the pilot project for implementing “Dual Value Window System” in Vietnam, as well as coordinate to proposal “Funding grant” from the Korean government (Granted ODA) in Vietnam.

Mr Pham Xuan Da – Director of SROMOST - realized this was the necessary technology that needs to be transferred and applied in Vietnam. SROMOST will coordinate with KICT to implement the pilot project. For projects that asking for funding from Korean government, Mr. Da and representative of KICT have also agreed that both organizations would cooperate and build Protocol proposals, then submit for Vietnamese and Korean government to deploy in Vietnam.

At the end of the meeting, leaders of SROMOST and KICT exchanged souvenirs and confirmed tightly cooperate to proceed all the issues of the meeting in the near future.

Source: National Office in Southern Region - Ministry of Science and Technology

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