National Office in Southern Region - Ministry of Science and Technology worked with Daegu University (Korea) delegation.

On 22/4/2015, leaders of National Office in Southern Region - Ministry of Science and Technology (SROMOST) had a meeting with Prof. Woong-Kyu Lee, Department of Business Administration, Director of Project CK-I and Prof. Soon-Jae Kwon, Department of Business Administration, Director of Business Incubating Center who lead Korean delegation from the University of Daegu (DGU).

Attending the meeting were PhD. Bui Van Quyen – Minister’s assistant, Prof. Vu Van Khiem – General Director of SROMOST and representatives of subordinate units.

At the meeting, Prof. Woong-Kyu Lee introduced that DGU was established in 1956, its main campus is in Gyeongsan city and downtown campus is located in Daegu city.  DGU was founded on the philosophies of good will and charity and with a motto of "Love, Light, and Freedom". Under these ideals, Daegu University has kept trying and striving to train the young generation of the country to become talent and virtuous individuals to carry important responsibilities as the core factors of the society and to promote the Daegu University's  ideology of philanthropy and compassion.

In addition, this Korean university is also well known for other majors such as language, law, business administration, information technology, engineering, public relations, art and design. DGU is also being evaluated as one of the leading universities in Korea. Currently, the university has links with 130 universities and colleges around the world for jointly studies, implementing learning activities, student exchanges and faculty exchanges....


Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Vu Van Khiem mentioned that Southern of Vietnam has many research institutes, universities; enterprises which are very active and dynamic in the fields of science and technology (S&T), SROMOST will support and connect the business entities together as well as cooperate and provide support for projects of DGU in Vietnam. Because DGU administers various international programs, many chances for cooperation will be available in the future such as business incubating, training and counseling for small and medium enterprise’s staff in the field of technology management and development. And with similarities in culture and environment between the two countries, the cooperation would be sustainable and long-lasting on the basic of detailed implementation plans.

At the meeting, the heads of the Department of Business Administration of DGU and SROMOST have signed and exchanged MOU on cooperation of forming a start-up incubation center and coordinating in training in order to create a favorable business environment for organizations and enterprises of the two countries, Vietnam and Korea. In particular, there is emphasis on cooperation to create a dynamic business community; training for start-up businesses, S & T human resources; exchange online document and open online courses; organize conferences and seminars for entrepreneurs and other appropriate activities such as implementation of programs and projects of science and technology, technology transfer.


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