Try Everything has been held since 2020 with the aim of creating a more vibrant ecosystem for startups and fostering talented young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams globally. It is co-hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Maekyung Media Group, which has also held the World Knowledge Forum (the largest business forum in Asia) successfully over the past 21 years. And it is Asia’s No.1 startup festival and tech conference, attended by numerous promising startups and investors from around the world.

On the Try Everything 2021 event held in Seoul from September 15, 2021, to September 17, 2021, and within the framework of the cooperation with Seoul Startup Hub (SSH), the Southern Department of Public Affairs (ASA -MOST) held a workshop online through 2 panel "The missing piece in Vietnam startup ecosystem: Corporate Innovation" and "The rise of EdTech during and post Covid 19" with the participation of support experts, startups, investment funds, university representative, start-up company with the aim of:

(1) Introduce potential opportunities to promote long-term cooperation mechanisms between Vietnam and Korea

(2) Create a professional investment environment for participants to effectively invest in the Vietnamese market through communication activities to promote and connect trade between Vietnamese enterprises and Korean startups.

The coordination and participation in the "Try Everything 2021" confirms the relationship between ASA-MOST with the SSH - an agency established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Department of Commerce of Seoul city (Seoul Business Agency- SBA) become more and more effective

Since the first memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed in April 2020, ASA -MOST and SSH have facilitated more than 112 Korean startups to meet and discuss with more than 30 companies in Vietnam. As a result, there were 15 cooperation agreements have been signed.

In March 2021, SSH's branch on the 2nd floor of the Southern Science and Technology Information Center in Ho Chi Minh City went into operation (this is the first branch of SSH abroad) marking an increasingly cooperative step, a close relationship between the two sides.Through its base in Ho Chi Minh City, the SSH aims to expand opportunities to network with local companies and commercialize global technologies.where is not only a workplace but also a center for exhibition and technology transfer. technology for Korean companies, and on the opposite side, SSH also provides space and facilities for companies and partners to come and work in Seoul.


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