National Office in Southern Region (SROMOST) welcomed Counselor of the Embassy of Finland

On 04 April 2014, Mr. TOMI SARKIOJA, Counselor of Embassy of Finland, visited and worked with SROMOST.

Mr. TOMI SARKIOJA announced preliminary results of Innovation Program (IPP) stage 1 between the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam. He said that there are numbers of IPP projects of phase 2 will be implemented in southern Vietnam which focus on several areas such as: agriculture; environment; transfer of green technology; processing rice and other grain products technology; electronics and so on.

Mr. Pham Ngoc Minh - Deputy Director of SROMOST, who representing a number of sub-IPP projects in Ho Chi Minh City, briefed the results of phase 1’s IPP subprojects.

At the meeting, leaders of SROMOST thanked Mr. TOMI SARKIOJA’s visit, and he will report to the Ministry of Science and Technology to be asked for participating some IPP sub-projects of stage 2 in Southern Vietnam in next future.

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