Director General Vu Van Khiem met and worked with President of Hebronstar Co. Korea.

On March 18th 2015, General Director of National Office in Southern Region (SROMOST), Mr. Vu Van Khiem, had met and worked with Mr. Hyung Jin Kim, president of Hebronstar Co., Korea. (Hebronstar is one of the leading strategic consulting companies in Korean)

At the meeting, Mr Hyung Jin Kim presented a number of upcoming collaborative projects in Vietnam of Hebronestar Co. and the University of Daegu, Korea (DGU) in year 2015 and the following years. About Hebronstar Co. side, it is said that at the moment, the company is implementing some projects to support the start-up companies in Southeast Asia (called Start-up Through Asian Region - STAR).This project is funded by Korean government through the Institute for Economic Research at the DGU to open representative offices in 03 countries in Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, China). Through these offices, the economic condition and technical issues of the enterprises will be updated more frequently thereby promoting, supporting interaction, exchange and economy and technology development between Vietnamese and Korean enterprises as well as engineering entities which desire to start business. The main content of the STAR project is to build an incubation center (Incubation Center) to support technical cooperation between institutions, Korean businesses and start-up businesses in Vietnam.

Mr. Kim Hyung Jin also said that Hebronstar Co. and DGU will jointly implement this project and look forward to establishing the first representative office in Vietnam. Currently, Hebronstar Co. and DGU are preparing the documents, presentations to introduce the project and look forward to cooperating and receiving the support from the SROMOST such as signing the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the SROMOST and University of Daegu and market research before implementing the project.

At the meeting, General Director of SROMOST, Mr. Vu Van Khiem highly appreciated all the projects of Hebronstar implemented in Vietnam, especially the STAR project. General Director agreed with the proposal of Hebronstar about signing cooperation agreements and supporting market research in Vietnam related to the STAR project. Besides, all the subordinate unit of SROMOST will collaborate with Hebronstar Co. for planning activities of this project in Ho Chi Minh City.

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