Introduction of Geographic Information Systems - GIS applying UAV technology Korea

In the morning of July 28th, National Office in Southern Region (SROMOST) – Ministry of Science and Technology organized a seminar to introduce geographic information system (GIS). Attending the seminar, there were Mr. Pham Ngoc Minh - Deputy Director General of SROMOST; Mr. Bui Van Quyen, Director of Investment Management Board of Southern Center for Information of Science and Technology and representatives from several units of SROMOST

At the conference, Noroo Gssoft Co. (Korea) introduced a number of new technological applications of GIS for land surveying, industrial zones planning, residential areas, transportation, v, v ... using UAV technology ("unman aerial vehicles", or commonly known as UAV) to take pictures, analyze data for forecasting, assessment of risks related to natural disasters, industrial planning, transport planning, irrigation, on agricultural production. Noroo Gssoft Co. has developed a software system JoyMap which was a multifunction GIS tool for large scale systems. This may be a reasonable choice with a reasonable cost and accordance with the conditions of Vietnam.

After the presentation of Noroo Gssoft Co., the participants exchanged viewpoints, discussed the possibility for cooperation and application of this technology for interested agencies and units in the Southern Region.

Source: National Office in Southern Region

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